This is the story of someone who experienced adoption as a baby and then again as a grown man.

This is the story of someone who experienced adoption as a baby and then again as a grown man

A half-century ago, a young woman, discovering she was pregnant with her second child, felt scared, uncertain, and alone. The realization of her pregnancy didn’t lead to an exciting gender reveal or confetti celebration. In fact, the realization of her pregnancy had quite the opposite effect.

Lacking financial security and family support, this young woman battled overwhelming thoughts: “Can I care for a second child? If I keep this baby, what kind of life will he endure?

The day nothing seemingly changed

One morning, early into her pregnancy, the young woman walked into a hair salon, going about her normal routine. This hair appointment was like any other–a room full of ladies gossiping about the town, laughing about men, and conversing about life. Feeling transparent and vulnerable, she shared about her pregnancy and the many fears accompanying it. 

Little did she know, her openness that day would lead to a life-altering trajectory. 

The hairdresser listened intently to the young woman and, free from judgment in her tone, gave a bold, yet somewhat nonchalant, response: 

“Well, if you can’t keep the baby and want a loving home to place him or her in, I’d love another child.”

The young woman left the hair salon, in no way indicating she heard, much less considered, the hairdresser’s offer to adopt the child. 

The day everything suddenly changed

About five months later, the young mom walked into that same hair salon holding a baby boy: 

“You said you wanted him, right?” 

At that moment, the hairdresser looked down and saw her son. 

To say she was surprised would be an understatement. To say she was delighted and unprepared would be an even greater understatement. She and her husband weren’t expecting a newborn that day, but not for a second did that cause them to hesitate welcoming this baby into their home. They may have used a new vacuum cleaner box as a crib that first night, but the baby boy immediately experienced the unconditional love of his new parents.

“I always knew I was so loved.” - Ty Bryant, VP of Promise686

Fifty years later that baby grew to become the Vice President of Promise686 and is now married with six children of his own. Ty and his wife Kristen adopted three children through foster care, growing their family of five to a family of eight. 

More recently, Ty met his full biological sister for the first time. He and his wife traveled to Charlotte, NC on November 16, 2019, to start a new journey of discovery and continued redemption of an incredible story that only God could write.  

“The Gospel of Jesus Christ is adoption and adoption itself is a picture of the Gospel. To me, each component of my story has served to draw me to the One who gave and gives life. The added bonus is that He also made a way for me and my bride to be able to give back and adopt three of our own children. Each adoption in my life (my own and the precious little ones Kristen and I have adopted) is a picture of how God adopted me into His family through Jesus. There is no, ‘Woe is me,’ in my story. There is nothing but the hand of God allowing it all to accomplish what He loves...and I definitely feel loved by Him, my family, and the amazing community He has placed around me. To God be the glory!” 

Thank you, Ty and Kristen, and all those who have adopted, for living the promise God makes in Psalm 68:6 “to set the lonely in families.” 


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