Las Vegas FAM Supports a Local Foster Family

A couple from Hope Church in Las Vegas, supported by one of our Affiliate Partners Fostering Hope, recently shared with us a great story of how they have been supported by the FAM at their church and its Care Community.

“As we are one of only a few foster families in our church we decided to ‘guinea pig’ our family and build our first Care Community around ourselves. By the way, it feels weird to tell the church all about this great cause and then say, ‘please bring us dinner.’ The launch went great and we had awesome prayers and support around us as we fostered a sibling group of three girls.” - Foster Mom 

When the girls reunited with their grandmother, it was bittersweet. While it is always a goal for children to be reunited with their biological families, it can be emotional for the foster parents and Care Communities to say goodbye to children they’ve spent so much time with. This couple’s Care Community stepped in to comfort them in a beautiful way.

“Within an hour [of the girls leaving our house] our Care Community leader was at our home and notified everyone. Our Pastor dropped everything and came to our home just to be with us. Two different families sent pizza. Dominos called to make sure it wasn’t a mistake.”

Fast forward to the oldest of the girls’ 11th birthday where she received her first cell phone. One of the first calls she made was to her foster parents. She wanted to share how they impacted her during her time spent living with their family. “She said she’s been reading her Bible and prays with her little sisters every night! Before coming into our family the girls did not know Jesus or how to pray.”

This family is now fostering another set of siblings.

“Because we felt so equipped and held up by our Care Community, we have another sibling group in our home already. They sent out the signal and filled our freezer with home-cooked meals again. Sometimes I will walk out the door in the morning and our Care Community leader will have dropped off a box of diapers or some laundry detergent. It’s like she knows.”

We are so encouraged by this story and the consistent support FAMs and their Care Communities are giving to foster families and vulnerable children from Georgia to Nevada and beyond!

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