Erica’s Story

Erica's Story

Erica had a desire to buy a house and create a warm, loving environment for the children placed in her life, and shortly after achieving this goal, opened her heart and home to a 5-year-old girl. Two years later, Erica adopted this child and felt confident she wanted to continue growing her family through adoption. She opened her home to a child in foster care—a 12-year-old girl called "Zee." While working to adopt Zee, the pandemic hit, making the adoption process more difficult. COVID-19 also brought additional burdens for Erica as a single mom to two daughters.

The Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM) at her local church knew of her story and instantly created a Care Community to wrap around Erica, her adopted daughter, and Zee. This FAM covers Erica and her girls in prayer, provides a weekly meal on the same night as Zee's therapy sessions, and provides occasional childcare. The Care Community connected Erica to other moms raising young teenage girls and coaches her on how to manage some of the typical challenges that come with raising a preteen.

Unfortunately, Zee has experienced childhood trauma and because of this, faces mental health and behavioral issues. While being a single mom to two daughters, one with disabilities, often leaves Erica feeling overwhelmed, she's grateful to have the support of her FAM and its Care Community volunteers. In fact, Erica believes that because of the support of her FAM, she will be able to continue fostering Zee and eventually finalize the adoption.

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