The Promise Race is a one-mile cycle that includes special zones to be completed each time you repeat the cycle. We call these “Disruption Zones” because they illustrate the many disruptions children in foster care face. Complete as many cycles as you can in the allotted time, honoring kids who are stuck in the cycle of foster care.


Whether joining the race in person or from a distance, you’ll experience Disruption Zones along the way, like:



In this zone, be ready for ups and downs! You might just experience hay bails, cargo nets, and belly crawls. As you can imagine, foster care is an emotional roller coaster for the children involved. This zone is meant to bring to light the many highs and lows children in foster care face. 



When you enter The Haul, you’ll grab “as much as you can,” carrying weighted bags to the end of the zone. When children leave home, they pack as much as they can into a single bag and head into the scary unknown. This zone represents the multiple moves from house to house that too many children are experiencing.



The Promise Race will be bright and colorful! Joining the race in person? Come ready to be covered in color by the end of the course. Joining from a distance? We encourage you to dress up in as much color as you can to complete the race on your own. Children in foster care have experienced serious trauma, disruption, and confusion. When vulnerable children are supported by loving families and churches, their environment becomes brighter and happier.

In addition to these three Disruption Zones above, you’ll face additional surprise zones throughout the race. Be prepared for a fun, grueling challenge. We can’t wait to see you on race day!