Demonstrating radical love-in-action for child welfare staff


Promise686 has teamed up with organizations across the nation to honor all too often overlooked first-responders, our nation's child welfare staff, who provide critical intervention for vulnerable children. These individuals need to know that we are grateful for them! Further, when they excel in their work, children are the direct beneficiaries.


National Hospitality Week is a chance to proclaim to this world that WE SEE YOU.


Across the nation, job retention of child welfare staff is alarmingly low as the work is so difficult! Did you know that for children "The chance of achieving permanency decreased from 74.5% to 17.5% after foster care youth received a case worker change. Research suggests that disruptions in casework services, due to changes in family service workers, is associated with the increased rates of foster care drift" (Murphy, Van Zyl, Collins-Camargo, & Sullivan, 2012). 


We believe the Church can make a difference! Our long-term hope is that by honoring caseworkers as front-line responders, we'll help keep them satisfied and on the job, which means so much to children.


Join us October 14th - 18th


**Note: You can participate any time between October 1st and November 3rd


We’re here to provide resources and support! To sign up to honor and encourage your local child welfare staff, email

*If you are unable to participate the week of October 15th, please choose a date between October 1st and November 3rd!