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How Promise Serves enhances your nonprofit organization

We understand the challenge your churches face when it comes to leading a ministry: volunteer burnout, admin responsibilities, and coordinating ministry details are just a few nuances that can lead to unsuccessful outcomes. That’s why we’ve created software specifically with churches in mind. 


When you partner with Promise686, you and the churches you serve have full access to the benefits Promise Serves provides.

What does partnering with Promise686 look like?


We help our nonprofit partners implement a step-by-step model called Family Advocacy Ministries (FAMs) with the goal of caring for vulnerable children. FAMs provide much-needed support to at-risk kids and the foster, adoptive, and biological families caring for them. This partnership is called The Promise Network: a group of churches and organizations nationwide that are committed to living the promise God makes in Psalm 68:6 “to set the lonely in families.”


As part of The Promise Network, our nonprofit affiliates receive training, resources, ongoing staff support from Promise686, and full access to Promise Serves.

How Promise Serves adds value to your churches


Promise Serves is a software platform designed to increase the longevity of church volunteers. This tool is currently used by over 1,000 churches nationwide to better serve vulnerable children across the country. 


Promise Serves:


  • Lessens the admin burden for your ministry leaders
  • Prevents burnout and keeps church volunteers engaged
  • Provides consistent support to families in need


Promise Serves provides a more efficient way for your churches to maintain their ministry and ultimately, better care for vulnerable children.

Your brand matters


When the churches you serve visit Promise Serves, they see your logo, your colors, and information specific to your non-profit.  We know that Promise Serves is just software, while you are the people doing the hard work of developing FAMs.

Get started with Promise Serves, today


We currently support 37 nonprofit organizations and their 1,000 churches nationwide and greatly recognize how technology dramatically impacts our collective mission each day. Interested in learning more about the features Promise Serves offers? Check out the full benefits here.


If you represent a church or nonprofit organization that might be interested in getting started with Promise Serves, fill out this short form and someone from our team will reach out soon. We look forward to hearing from you!


Security & Privacy


Promise Serves takes privacy very seriously. We know that dealing with vulnerable family situations requires the highest level of respect for an individual’s privacy and security. We accomplish this by adhering to the industry-standard privacy policy and coding standards. Being COPPA, CPPA and GDPR compliant, Promise Serves has policies and procedures in place that comply with the most stringent web privacy guidelines on the globe.


Promise Serves was built from the ground up on a framework that puts privacy at the forefront. From a non-public codebase to 256bit SSL security certificates, we’ve made sure that everything from the code to the server architecture is set up to provide the highest level of data privacy.


In addition to external privacy Promise Serves offers a suite of privacy options for the volunteers and churches to utilize. All volunteer data is only accessible by the advocates and staff at your church. If you choose to opt-out of cross-church teams then even your volunteers' contact information beyond their names will be invisible. This ensures that your volunteer and served family data is completely protected inside of the scope of your church.

Promise Serves keeps your volunteers engaged, preventing burnout, and ultimately, providing consistent support to families in need.

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