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“Zero Entry” Foster Care

For most people, foster care is “zero entry” in that very few of us have chosen to take the plunge into being foster parents. For every 1000 American households, roughly 1 will be a foster home. Meanwhile, each year, approximately 7 of every 1000 U.S....

5 Ways to Encourage
Foster Families

We all wonder how best to support our friends and family who are fostering. Let’s face it, foster families are usually in it for the long haul and they need a large safety net of people they can rely on to remain true to their...

I Could Never Do That

“I could never do that.” This line makes for a great excuse. It’s subtle, and a powerful means of keeping our distance from problems, pain, and even people. If we could “do that”—take a risk, help a child, stand up for someone in a vulnerable spot—we’d...

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