Adoption 101 Video Course & Curriculum

In 2010 Promise686 hosted its first ever Adoption 101. For years, the class—a simple blend of critical adoption facts and personal family stories—has provided a path forward for individuals considering adoption. We have often noted that a lack of quality information and an abundance of unsubstantiated fears have stopped many adoption journeys before they’ve truly begun. Most people need a guide and even an interpreter when it comes to the realm of adoption.

In 2017, Promise686 released a video-based Adoption 101 course and curriculum. Ideally this course is facilitated within a small group. With this in mind, the course "tool kit" includes a script for facilitators and suggested preparatory and follow-up communication. Everything needed is in one spot! (Of course, couples may watch together on their own as well.)

This one-hour course consists of three instructional videos, as described, and also includes testimonial videos from adoptive families.

    1. An Overview of Adoption
    2. International Adoption and
    3. Domestic Adoption–inclusive of Domestic Infant and Adoption from Foster Care

So, if you would like to learn more about adoption, the course is free and available below simply by clicking the link to receive a password to download all curriculum and materials. Better yet, would you like to offer this Adoption 101 course once or twice each year at your church? Your willingness to point the way for families exploring adoption may have a lifetime of impact for a child around the world waiting for a family.