Promise686 equips churches to create much-needed support for vulnerable children and those caring for them. We call these support systems Family Advocacy Ministries (FAMs).



It takes faith, time, money, and emotion to prioritize at-risk kids and their families. We’re grateful when a church partner decides to make this investment to care for vulnerable children, and we want to do all we can to help push forward their mission. To alleviate the stress and confusion that can come with creating any new ministry, we’ve created a step-by–step model called Family Advocacy Ministries (FAMs). 




Churches are often full of people who want to make a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable children, but don’t always know how. We believe if churches are empowered to openly and effectively share about the problems at-risk children are experiencing, families will step up, either by becoming a foster or adoptive family or by deciding to support a family in crisis. They simply need a plan.


Promise686 implements FAMs to help bring about a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable children by:


    • Recruiting & Equipping families to care for at-risk kids 
    • Serving foster & adoptive families, and biological families in crisis
    • Advocating on behalf of families and vulnerable children
    • Ministering to families and meeting physical, emotional, and spiritual needs 


Promise provides the training, resources, and guidance needed to empower churches to set up and maintain successful FAMs.








Every Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM) needs leaders to create awareness, equip volunteers, and spark action. We call these leaders Church Advocates. All Advocates are trained at a one-day Clinic where they receive everything needed to create and maintain a successful FAM within their local church. In addition to the Clinic, Promise686 provides resources and ongoing support to Church Advocates and their volunteers. As an Advocate, we want you to be completely equipped to best serve foster & adoptive families, and biological families in crisis.


See our upcoming Clinic dates and learn more about becoming a Church Advocate.




Not all FAMs will serve foster, adoptive, and biological families. Many times, FAMs decide to start out with one particular area of focus, like supporting foster families or raising awareness around adoption needs. Once FAMs are a little more established, we often see them expand their reach and the types of families they serve. The one thing all FAMs have in common is that they care for vulnerable children by supporting families in need.




Learn more about the different ways FAMs make an impact in their local community:


Interested in learning about becoming a Church Advocate or starting a Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM) within your local church? 

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