Untangling Hope

Meet Hope!


Hope, a determined eleven-year-old, lands in her seventh foster home in three years. The foster lady seems nice and has an adorable, smiling dog, but Hope's not betting on it. Besides, Hope doesn't need a new family. After all, her dad's just doing a little time in jail.


Juggling temporary friendships and another new school seems possible if she can hide her foster status, get a phone to execute her daring plan, and unscramble her tangled brain when it really counts.


Hope embodies many of the incredible qualities of children and teens who are in foster care. Each year, through no fault of their own, thousands of children and teens just like Hope flood the U.S. foster care system. This book highlights some of the challenges they face. It is a story of hope for all kids in foster care to experience a stable, loving home and a time of healing.


All proceeds from this book will be donated to Promise686 to help equip more churches to support more families and children.

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Praise for Untangling Hope

Hope, Ruby, Samantha, and the cast of characters Johnna has created will give any reader the best kind of company- they will entertain, challenge and encourage. Untangling Hope tells the story of a foster child with heart and authenticity. I am grateful this kind of story is being told, and regardless if you are familiar with these settings or not, you'll find yourself identifying with the thoughts and feelings of Hope- who just wants to know where she belongs.

Beth Guckenberger, author, speaker, Co-Executive Director, Back2Back Ministries