Join us for the 10th Annual Promise686 Fall Benefit!


Our theme this year is Story. Every child has a story, and you have the opportunity to be a part of that story when you support Promise686. Your generosity allows us to help support the churches who are wrapping around the families who are playing a huge role in the lives and stories of vulnerable children.



Register to join us on Saturday, October 21, at Virtue Village in Peachtree Corners. Host a table, invite your friends, and get ready for an impactful evening together!

Enter the story by joining us for a night of fun, generosity, and impact. We’ll have a special performance by Singer/Songwriters Andy Gullahorn and Jill Phillips. You’ll love how they weave their humor, heart, and storytelling throughout their performance.

More about Promise686


At Promise686, we've created a proven ministry model called Family Advocacy Ministries (FAMs) to accomplish three things: 1) prevent children from going into foster care, 2) intervene once they do enter care, and 3) connect kids and families forever. Currently, we're helping over 1,000 FAMs nationwide to care for over 2100 families. By supporting foster & adoptive families and biological families in crisis, vulnerable children are experiencing a more stable environment.


But our work isn't even close to being done! We need your help to continue implementing more FAMs, and ultimately, caring for more kids who are at-risk. That's why we invite you to get involved with the child welfare crisis in one of the ways above. Thank you for your partnership!

Thank you to our 2022 Sponsors!


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