Flooding the child welfare system with well-supported, loving foster families

When there are 140 million considered orphans worldwide, with over 400,000 of these children living in the United States, we know there’s work to be done. Our mission is to mobilize church communities to care for vulnerable children. We carry out this mission by equipping churches to support local foster families through what we call Family Advocacy Ministries (FAMs).


FAMs provide much-needed support to at-risk kids and the families caring for them. The Promise686 Family Advocacy Ministry model helps churches:


  • Create wrap-around support for foster families
  • Raise awareness around the needs of vulnerable children
  • Recruit new families to consider fostering
  • Equip families once they begin fostering
  • Meet physical and financial needs of at-risk kids
The Promise Network


Promise686 leads The Promise Network, a foster care movement that depends on a large coalition of churches to provide what vulnerable children need most–strong families. Together, we radically increase the overall number of loving foster families while equipping and supporting those already caring for children in foster care. Learn more about our network of nonprofit organizations and churches throughout the U.S.


God promises to “set the lonely in families” (Psalm 68:6) and we’re dedicated to joining this effort.


Join the mission. Get involved, today.