Navigating the Journey of Foster Care and Adoption

Exploring foster care or adoption? Do you want to learn more before jumping in to an informational class? This video series provides a brief overview to help you navigate your journey into foster care or adoption. 


If you are interested specifically in foster care, this guide suggests the videos that will be most helpful. This guide will lead you through videos most beneficial for adoption. Here are a few additional resources that you also might find useful as you navigate your journey as well as more information about choosing words that are honoring to both children and families. 

This video delves into the reasons children enter foster care, unpacks the goal of reunification, and provides a basic understanding of what happens once children enter care.

This video helps you navigate terms and language that will bring dignity to children and families, while avoiding terms or labels that are not honoring.

This video describes the roles of the key players you will encounter in the world of foster care.

This video shares about the trauma children in foster care have experienced and what this means for parenting them.

This video provides an in-depth look at the children and teens who enter the foster care system.

This video describes the importance of establishing a network of support before bringing children into your home.

This video focuses on the goal of reunification and how foster parents can be advocates for the children in their care.

This video offers insight into ethical practices in the world of adoption that are most honoring to birth parents and children.

This video helps prepare your hearts, minds, and family to receive children from different races, cultures, and backgrounds.

This video explores the concept of open adoption and how that can differ from child to child and as your relationship grows with the biological family.





If being a foster parent or adopting isn't part of your journey right now, but you have a heart for vulnerable children, there are still many ways you can help! Check out this free online course to learn more about what Family Advocacy Ministries do, the impact made through FAMs, and how to get started.