Churches have the opportunity to be a first responder during today's pandemic


CarePortal is a tool we offer churches in Georgia so they can meet the physical needs of at-risk kids and their families. Learn more about CarePortal and ways you can help during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

By addressing the needs of vulnerable children from both sides – through early intervention and by resourcing quality foster homes – we pray for families in crisis to be strengthened through churches who are engaged with their needs.

CarePortal is a technological platform that has served over 100,000 children and Promise686 is the implementing partner in Georgia. Via a simple email request, CarePortal provides entry-level opportunities to connect a network of caring people in churches to the vetted, physical needs of families in their community. This network can provide preventative support for struggling families before foster care is a necessity. When the intervention of foster care does become a necessity, CarePortal also supports the foster families who are welcoming these children.

How Does CarePortal Work?

Promise686 utilizes CarePortal to connect churches to practical needs of children and families in their surrounding community.

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