In 2017, we developed Promise Serves, a church software that alleviates the burdens many ministry leaders face.

At Promise686, we equip churches to implement Family Advocacy Ministries (FAMs) with the goal of caring for vulnerable children. The FAM model, like many other ministries, requires relationship management, admin, and volunteer coordination. We’ve created Promise Serves specifically to handle the custom needs this ministry requires.


This software keeps volunteers engaged, prevents burnout, and ultimately, provides consistent support to families in need.





Promise Serves for churches

We’ve created Promise Serves as a benefit to all our church partners. If you’re a church interested in implementing a Family Advocacy Ministry, see how Promise Serves will alleviate the time-consuming tasks of creating and maintaining a new ministry. Learn more here.


Promise Serves for nonprofit partners

Promise686 partners with nonprofit organizations to equip churches across the nation to implement FAMs. Each of our nonprofit partners, and the churches they train, gain full access to Promise Serves. Learn more about partnering with Promise686 or see how Promise Serves benefits nonprofits


Promise Serves for existing members

Log into Promise Serves here.