Loaves and Fishes

A lot can come of a few extra meals. For our foster families, having a prepared meal expected and delivered means less stress, more focus on a child in need, and a higher likelihood of fostering longer. When volunteers choose to participate in a Loaves and Fishes event, they are choosing to play an important support role in the life of a foster family or a family who has recently adopted.

Promise686 hosts about a dozen Loaves & Fishes meal-making events per year to support our fostering and adoptive families. In addition to these public Loaves & Fishes events, we also encourage private events for Discipleship Groups, Bible Studies, or neighborhood friends. Together, these meals stock our freezers and bless many foster and adoptive families.


For information on upcoming Loaves and Fishes, visit Upcoming Events.


Interested in hosting a Promise686 Loaves and Fishes for local families? Contact info@promise686.org 

Interested in hosting a Loaves and Fishes for foster and/or adoptive families in your area? Download detailed instructions and recipes here.