The Faith and Community Alliance in Georgia exists to enhance partnerships between state agencies and faith-based organizations as they each seek to come to the aid of those “experiencing tragedy, family issues or economic hardship.”


Promise686 is pleased to be recognized as a faith-based organization with an effective “grass roots” plan tailored to the specific foster care needs in our community, forging partnerships with local DFCS offices and positively impacting statistics by partnering with churches to provide quality foster homes for longer-term placements.

Foster Care Ministry Options Discussed -January 26, 2016, Newnan Times-Herald
“Currently, there are 103 Coweta children in state custody, but there are only 12 foster homes in Coweta. That means many of the Coweta children have to be placed in other counties.”
“Caseworkers have stayed overnight in the DFCS office because all of our foster homes are full,” said Kim Bass of the Coweta County Foster Parent Association. “We get calls all hours of the night. It’s hard to say no sometimes. They’ll say ‘please, just for one night.’ You take them that one night and you kind of keep them. We have group homes flooded with Coweta kids.”
“Much of last week’s meeting, held at Crossroads Church, consisted of a presentation from Promise 686 | Live the Promise…”

State of Emergency: Shortage of foster homes leads to separation of siblings, moving far from home   -August 30, 2015, Rome News-Tribune
“Georgia is in a “state of emergency” when it comes to foster care, and Floyd County was ranked the fifth highest county per capita for children removed from their homes, according to DFCS officials and a report from Georgia Child Welfare Measures. Some 244 children from Floyd County were sent into foster care from April 2014 through March 2015, according to the statistics.
That state rate over that time period was 31.2 children per 10,000. Floyd County’s rate was 104.5 per 10,000.
Why is the rate so high? There are several reasons, according to local officials…”

In the spring of 2015, our local Atlanta news outlet, Channel 2,, chose to highlight the “desperate” nature of the foster care crisis in Georgia. With over 12,000 children in foster care, an already over-taxed system is breaking under the weight of the need. Unusual and costly measures are being taken to provide a semblance of safety for the children waiting for placements. But, hotels are not homes.


“The opinions of taxpayer and guests varied greatly when they learned DFCS was using the hotels off Camp Creek Parkway in South Fulton County to house children with nowhere else to go.”
“DFCS says it has a desperate need right now for more foster families and hopes legislation that passed this last session will help.”

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