Education and Mentoring

Promise686 is committed to educating both prospective and current adopting and foster families. We believe that these roles are a matter of calling and require ongoing education.


Adoption 101


Adoption 101 is a 90-minute seminar that offers an overview of various types of adoption - international adoption, domestic infant adoption, special needs adoption, legal risk adoption, and waiting child adoption. Our lead teacher provides adoption information while our guest speakers share their personal experience of adoption. Speakers are available after these sessions to connect one-on-one with interested attendees to answer questions and share more specific details of their story. See Upcoming Events for more information. New in 2017, Adoption 101 is available as a video curriculum designed to raise awareness and facilitate discussion surrounding adoption in churches and/or interested community gatherings. Contact for more information about hosting an Adoption 101 at your church.


Parenting Seminars


On occasion we offer parenting seminars, hosted in strategic locations across our service area by our church partners. These events are geared to address the specific needs of fostering and adoptive families. They also provide families with a forum to connect with other families like themselves.


Adoption Mentoring


Adoptions have unique challenges and pairing those who have adopted with adopting families provides practical and emotional support. We have an adoption mentoring program in which volunteers who have adopted are paired with adopting families. We offer these trained mentors to our families who receive adoption grants as well as to anyone who contacts us and requests a mentor. To request a mentor contact


Small Group Studies


Would you like to attend or even lead a small group book study or Bible Study focusing on topics related to orphan or foster care? These groups meet on an ongoing basis at various locations around Metro Atlanta. Contact for more information.