Our Mission

We equip churches and families to meet the needs of orphans and foster children. We provide financial assistance, community support, and education all in an effort to fulfill the promise that “God sets the lonely into families” (Psalm 68:6). Our goal is to educate the community and reduce barriers to adopting and fostering children, with the hope that more children will be nurtured in loving families.

Services to Churches

In 2013, we launched our foster care strategy (www.LiveThePromise.org) with the initial goal of recruiting 100 new foster families in Georgia. Our strategy involves partnerships between local churches, private agencies and Division of Family and Children Services. Each church is equipped to raise up and support at least one new foster family. Adopting families who are active church members living in the state of Georgia are eligible to apply for our two adoption grant offerings, greatly reducing the financial burden of adoption.


Services to Adoptive Families

Our adoption matching grants and legal grants reduce the financial barrier to adoption. The matching grant program also encourages community-building for the adoptive family as families reach out within their network for support. Our legal grant program assists families to complete the legal aspects of their adoption such as domestication of a foreign adoption.

Promise686 has an adoption mentoring program in which volunteers who have previously adopted are paired with adopting families. Adoptions have unique challenges and pairing those who have adopted with adopting families provides practical and emotional support.

We offer three parenting seminars per year geared to address the special needs of adoptive families. These offerings also provide adoptive families with a forum to connect with other families like themselves.

Our ministry hosts events throughout the year to build relationships and community in the adoptive community. Promise686 events include social gatherings, discipleship groups, and Bible studies.

Services to Foster Families

Promise686 believes that ongoing tangible and emotional support is the key to foster family success. Care Communities consist of families who are assigned to a particular foster family and are committed to providing meals, babysitting, or other practical help to that foster family. Foster families who are surrounded by a Care Community are able to serve more children over longer periods of time and provide a higher quality environment for foster children.

Our annual parenting seminars also address the special needs faced by foster families. Typically, these seminars also meet foster care continuing education requirements.

Our ministry holds events specifically for foster families and they are also invited to participate in all of our Promise686 social events and groups for adoptive families.



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