Art and Sherry


We’re a family that loves children and serving. My husband, Art, and I have 2 little ones. Wesley is 5 and Emily is 3. We worship at Perimeter Church.


We became aware of the need for Safe Families through a video shown at church. As we began conversations about becoming a Safe Family, something beautiful happened. I was filled with love and longing for these children with an intensity like I had when I was pregnant with our children. I just couldn’t wait to hold them.


Then our first child came, a little 18 month old girl. A stranger. I knew we could care for her physical needs, but wondered if I would really love her. I quickly found that yes, God filled me with love for this precious child.


As each child has come and gone, there has been love. It is what drives me through a difficult day, a sleepless night, and my house looking like a daycare center. It is a love that rejoices when children are reunited with their families, for that is our goal.
Six children have stayed with us so far. Each one presents different challenges as we care for them, but recently my own two young children were looking at pictures of our Safe Kids and were so excited about each one. They are friends. They are life lessons.


Every child that comes into our home teaches our children a little more about serving, about sharing, about how to love those God has called us to serve.
When people ask why we do what we do, the answer is love. God loves us. God loves these children. And God has filled us with love that pours out on families in need.


Love makes a difference. We’ve helped a single mom go on job interviews without worrying about childcare. We’ve helped a homeless mom find a place to live. We’ve helped a single mom deliver her baby and recover while we chased her toddler. We’ve prayed for the little ones in our home and for their future, and that makes an eternal difference.


The basics are providing a bed, food, clothes and diapers, but the blessing is in love.


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